Professional painting service for war games, board games and single miniatures.

I'm based in Italy but I work with customers located all over the world!


Via Aldo Moro 74, 65129 Pescara IT  |  Email : rospaintstudio@gmail.com   |   P.IVA 02286370685 



My name is Pierpaolo Rossi, but you probably know me better as RosPaint Miniature Studio. I'm an Italian painter and scale modelling enthusiast (weird, huh?). I was born in 1980 and I've been a fan of model building since I was a kid. I was a lot into aircraft modelling and I still own a couple of flying helicopters. I should totally go back to the flying field one day! I'm also passionate about World War II and I know a lot about airplanes, tanks and military uniforms. For years my hobby was assembling kits and creating dioramas about wartime, back when the Internet was not a thing yet and you had to figure out things by yourself or read on magazines or - if you were lucky enough - ask to someone who was into scale modelling from more time than you.


However, although I loved that style and that kind of modelling, having to follow strict color schemes and rules felt a bit too limiting sometimes. Years later I met fantasy scale modelling and man, it was like a breath of fresh air! I really like barbarians, dwarves, vampires or anything with a huge weapon haha! Scale modelling was nothing more than a hobby. But just like many other things, life went its own way and little by little, it became my job. So here I am!

On a more personal side, I'm a huge fan of heavy metal and rock music, especially the 70s and the 80s. I also love travelling, even if I'm very attached to my roots. 


If you want to follow my painting journey on daily basis, feel free to follow me on my social accounts or drop me an email!